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New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro

December 10, 2009

While Rio’s best known party is Carnaval, the city’s New Years Eve celebrations are among the best in the world. There are fabulous parties in many of Rio’s restaurants, clubs and hotels, but site of the liveliest party is Copacabana Beach. Nearly one million people gather on the beach, all dressed in white, ready to bring in the near year with an epic night of partying. Many bring candles and candlelit offerings to the Goddess of the Sea, Iemanja, and set them at water’s edge to be taken out to sea. At midnight, the arrival of the New Year is announced by a massive fireworks display. Elaborate shows with samba, “pagode” and popular Brazilian music are set up on numerous stages along the four kilometer beach. The night of entertainment ceases only as the sun begins to rise.

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Brazil to Become Top Property Market

December 4, 2009

Brazil is set to become one of the hottest property markets of 2010. As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Brazil has seen a large increase in Foreign Direct Investment. With the country set to host the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, there will be improvements in infrastructure and huge growth in the construction industry.

Foreign investors are flocking to Brazil to view prime properties with world class views, snatching up real estate in anticipation of future capital growth.

Brazil Property Specialist, Colordarcy have seen Brazilian property enquiries increase by 60%, since the Olympic announcement. The company has responded by launching a consultancy service to help clients to source the best real estate deals in Rio de Janeiro.

Loxley McKenzie, Chief Executive at Colordarcy – is predicting an annual increase of 20% per year until 2016.

Mortgages will soon be available to international buyers and this will create a further boost to Brazil’s property market.

Investment banking firm Goldman Sachs believes that Brazil’s economic growth could outstrip that of the other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations over the next few years.

Brazil’s economy is widely expected to become the fifth largest in the world by the time the Olympic Games kicks off in 2016, and yet property and land prices still remain a fraction of those found in more developed nations.

The Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has already pledged to spend up to £11.5bn ($17.4bn) on building a million new homes in Brazil between now and 2011.

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Hot Spots: São Paulo, Brazil

November 13, 2009

brazil_sao_paulo_city_pracabandeira_south_americaSão Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, the chosen base for nearly 75% of all fairs and conventions held in the country. It is known throughout the country as the “business capital” and although this is technically a well-deserved title, it does not reveal all of the wonders that this great metropolis has to offer. São Paulo is known for its restaurants, intense nightlife, and busy artistic calendar. From the bar on the corner to the most refined restaurant in the Jardins districts, from the snack served over the counter to the famous pastas in Italian cantinas, from the hot dog to the most varied international menus – culinary options in São Paulo are varied, unbiased and completely cosmopolitan. As a starting point for your visit to São Paulo, there’s no place better than Paulista Avenue, one of the city’s famous landmarks. Home to nearly 30% of the São Paulo financial centre, it is one of the districts most loved by its residents. When it comes to entertainment and art, the city of São Paulo never fails to impress. It has nearly 300 cinemas, more than 100 theatres, a dozen cultural centers and 70 museums, and many diverse historical buildings. There are also theme parks, countless leisure areas, and two large stadiums. For those tourists who bring their need for speed on vacation, São Paulo also has the Interlagos Speedway, home of the city’s Formula 1 Grand Prix. In a city this size, shopping is not only part of the itinerary, but also one of the main attractions. With its countless shopping malls, streets with specialized commerce and arts and crafts fairs, the city guarantees options to suit every taste.

Hot Spots: Paraty, Brazil

October 12, 2009

ParatyParaty is one of our favorite Ports  in all of Brazil and is often wrongfully considered a city that can be seen in one day. Many tourists think that its attractions are concentrated only in the Historical Center with its preserved colonial architecture, and while this is certainly one of its great enchantments, Paraty hides a natural unmatchable beauty. The Paraty Bay, with its still wild beaches and islands, is one of the most beautiful places on the Brazilian coastline. Its clear and calm waters, full of colorful fish, beckon tourists to dive and experience Paraty’s natural marine wonders. While diving and fishing are common activities among the tourists, there is one other must activity: a visit to the absolutely charming fishing village of Trindade. This village has a rich history and seven fantastic and romantic beaches. Evenings and nights are moments to enjoy the Historical Center. Take a stroll through all the small streets and observe each house with its colonial architecture. Indulge in the small pleasures such as a street show or having your caricature drawn; go in every shop and take in some of the beauty of Paraty through the local craftsmanship. Re-fuel yourself after a long day of adventures in Paraty by visiting one of the terrific restaurants of the city and enjoy some live music in one of the bars. Be sure to reserve a night to watch one of Paraty’s world-famous, endlessly entertaining puppet shows. Paraty is also a very important cultural and artistic location, so don’t forget to see the different forms of artistic expressions that exist in the city. If there is a traditional party in the city, we highly recommend you attend it. These events are can get rowdy (in the best way possible) and generally have food stands and shows with performances by local bands.

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Hot Spots: Laranjeiras Beach, Brazil

October 9, 2009

laranjeirasLaranjeiras, or “orange trees” in Portuguese, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina. Located 15 kilometers south of Paraty, the calm transparent waters of the Laranjeiras Beach are greatly sought by those who have an interest in water sports. It is 750 meters (2,460.63 feet) long and offers visitors a variety of bars and restaurants as well as nearby hotels and rentals. Another exciting attraction of the beach is the fact that it is located on an archeological site in which three-thousand-year-old fossils were found. It is possible to get there from the Interpraias Park or through cable car which is connected to the LARANJEIRASCentral Beach. During the cable car descent, which takes around 15 minutes, it is possible to see several beautiful natural landscapes. Visitors can also stop and practice tree-climbing in the areas of Atlantic Forest of the Aguada Hill. There, you will find trails and belvederes that offer a full view of the sea.

Olympics and FIFA World Cup Breathe New Life into Rio’s Downtown Airport

October 9, 2009

Rio AirportThe decision of the IOC to host the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has reinvigorated Rio’s status as the global face of Brazil. The city is neither the country’s capital (that would be Brasilia) nor its busiest airport (that would be Sao Paulo). Since 2003, traffic at Rio’s two airports, Galeao and Dantos Dumont, has grown from 10 million passengers to over 14 million. Until last year the downtown Santos Dumont airport was restricted to serving primarily just one route, Sao Paulo Congonhas. When permission was given for other ‘regional’ destinations to be served from downtown last year, airlines Azul and Webjet became present at the airport and passenger numbers rose over 30 percent.

Last year Galeao handled 2.2 million international passengers while Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos handled four times as many. According to OAG data for September Galeao has direct non-stop flights to just 14 international destinations, including five in Europe and four in North America. Now British Airways service to Galeao is non-stop (it used to stop in Sao Paulo until a year ago). TAM’s JFK service began last November while Continental’s Houston service began this August (having also previously stopped in Sao Paulo). In early December US Airways will begin daily non-stop flights from its Charlotte hub using a 767. A total of just 18 airlines currently serve Galeao, with US Airways making it 19 later this year.

With the incoming traffic expected to occur due to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, it seems that Rio’s Galeao will finally live up to its potential to increase both domestic and international travel.

Hot Spots: Santarem, Brazil

October 8, 2009

SantaremA wonderful and unique place, Santarém is most definitely a must on your list of Brazilian cities to visit. Santarem is located in the state of Pará in Brazil where the Tapajós River joins the Amazon River. Situated right along Amazon, Santarem is the home of a visually stunning and interesting natural phenomenon. Both rivers run along the front of the city, side by side, without mixing. The Amazon’s milky colored water carries sediment from the Andes in the East, while the Tapajós’s water is somewhat warmer and has a deep-blue tone. It is a feast for the eyes! It is know by the locals and savvy travelers as “the meeting of the waters” by the locals. Being less populated than neighboring ports, it is easy to visit and explore the forest and there is a greater possibility of experiencing the wonders of Amazonian fauna. Santarém is not considered a tourist centre, so you may be able to make authentic contact with the local people and even expand your social network to include Brazilian natives!

By Jennifer Bunin

Top South American Vacation Rental Websites

October 1, 2009

Hello and welcome to our blog! This space will be used to share information on travel to South America, especially to Rio de Janeiro.

Here are two of our favorite vacation rental websites for Rio!

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