Hot Spots: Laranjeiras Beach, Brazil

laranjeirasLaranjeiras, or “orange trees” in Portuguese, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina. Located 15 kilometers south of Paraty, the calm transparent waters of the Laranjeiras Beach are greatly sought by those who have an interest in water sports. It is 750 meters (2,460.63 feet) long and offers visitors a variety of bars and restaurants as well as nearby hotels and rentals. Another exciting attraction of the beach is the fact that it is located on an archeological site in which three-thousand-year-old fossils were found. It is possible to get there from the Interpraias Park or through cable car which is connected to the LARANJEIRASCentral Beach. During the cable car descent, which takes around 15 minutes, it is possible to see several beautiful natural landscapes. Visitors can also stop and practice tree-climbing in the areas of Atlantic Forest of the Aguada Hill. There, you will find trails and belvederes that offer a full view of the sea.

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